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24 November 2012 @ 06:14 pm
Best member of any family ever! - Oneshot  
Title: Best member of any family ever!
Author: gurlinthetardis
Pairing: None
Genre: AU
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Castiel nominates Gabriel for the ‘Best member of any family ever!’ award.

‘Best member of any family ever!’ award

We want you to nominate one of the members of your family for our ‘Best member of any family ever!’ award. Send us your competition entry, telling us about your nomination. Your entry should:

  •        Describe what the member of your family is like
  •        Explain what they contribute to the family life and how
  •        Tell us why they deserve t win the award.‘Best member of any family ever!’ award

I’d like to nominate my brother Gabriel for the ‘Best member of any family ever!’ award because I am absolutely sure that there is no-one who can be more awesome than him, and he deserves to know that not only I consider him as an excellent human being, but others too. “Important people” like he would say.

First of all, let me explain his twisted personality. He might be a little annoying when you first meet him, but as you get to know him, you begin to enjoy his company and miss him if he’s not around. He’s an optimistic by nature and loves to pull jokes on you. He might be a bit immature for his age, but I like to believe that’s part of his charming personality. And even though he’s always in a party mood, he can switch from “trickster” to “angel” in only a few seconds.

Gabriel is the oldest sibling of four: him, Anna, Balthazar and me. I’m the youngest so I suppose that’s why he usually picks on me more frequently but I’m pretty sure I’m also his favorite brother. He usually takes care after all of us because our parents are never at home, continuously working, but I don’t think that bothers him much. In my opinion, that’s when I see him the happiest. He’s a hard worker, because taking care of us is not an easy task, I imagine. He always has time for us, even if he has to go to school and has a lot of homework. But does he complain? No, of course not.

He has to win because, as you can see, he’s the best big brother ever. He’s definitely the best member of any family anywhere and I hope you will see fit to reward him as he deserves.

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